Ayo! (Status Update 1.2)


Ah it’s been how long since my last update… almost a month now? >:O


Soo for the small amount of people who are planning to read this ‘new chapter’ as soon as possible, I can guarantee that it will only be a bit longer; please bear with me. I’ve been pretty busy lately catching up with my grades in school (and yes, my grades were at an all-time low), but for now that’s what I’ve been mainly focusing on accomplishing during my final semester. Then again, I’ve been slacking off on writing the second chapter, but so far I’ve literally implemented about +2,000 words into it; which I’m somewhat proud of. Although, since I already have the whole chapter planned out- I’m currently trying to build up the rest of the ongoing plot for Ravin On Ice (if I don’t give up and abandon it, of course). And even if it’s really exhausting for me to just complete a chapter in such a short amount of time, I want it to be at it’s most finest form possible! Then again, I don’t want to make you guys wait too long for a just one single chapter; but as long as I plan out the rest of the series for R.O.I. and follow along with those future plans/guidelines- then this will probably turn out to be better than intially expected.

Farewell, until next time! ❤ 🙂



Hello again! (Status Update)


Hi guys! I’ve been pretty lazy lately and haven’t really done much to contribute to the blog- so I decided to start writing the second chapter of Ravin On Ice throughout spring break (woot woot). I’m still kind of stuck on how to write it out; but’ll come to me naturally. I’ve also gotten an new editor to review over the chapters as well! They’re incredibly nice and seem to enjoy what I’ve been writing recently, so hopefully the chapters turn out to be better than initially expected (right now I’ll keep them anonymous). Other than that, I’d suggest to wait for now, since it’ll be some time before the next chapter gets released 🙂

Then again, have a wonderful spring break! 😀 ❤


Ravin On Ice ~Chapter 1~


A/N: I just decided to post this short chapter onto this blog- because you not? 😀

This was originally meant for my dearest friend… but then again, I thought it would be nice to leave it out for other curious readers *cough* students *cough* . As you should already know based off from the title alone; this is a Ravin fanfic (aka Gavin x Riley), and I’m honestly not sure how to start off the next chapter. For the meantime, I’ll attempt to occasionally post stuff (ha what a lie), but then again I’m a huge procastinator in HS – so you probably won’t be seeing much 😦

Other than that, feel free to critque to your heart’s content! I’m really open for any helpful suggestions so feel free to write below on what you think  😉 

Over +1,000 words

*Please do not steal any of my work or art, even though I highly doubt anyone will.*

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The wonderful yet stunning world of Psychology! (Personology and Body Language)


As you might already know (or not), I’m a total psychology geek! And in this post, I’m going to show you the many ways on how to use and spot stuff with your basic knowledge of Psychology. But not just any ordinary Psychology… but human Psychology :).

If you don’t know; Psychology is the study of the mind and it’s behavior, such as how it functions and reacts to certain things (credit to Google def.). And because we have preformed many experiments on people from time to time, we are able to grasp a better understanding of our surroundings and on how certain people and organisms react.

If you’re interested, I would recommend this site.

Or click here for the How to learn Body Language section, and Personology section (facial reading).

They have many variations of articles, which are usually quick to read and easy to understand! The reason why I love this site is that they’re so many interesting articles compared to other sites (no promo), but really, I would totally recommend this to someone whom is interested in aspects of human behavior.

Although, take this to mind that not everything you’ll try to read out of people would be accurately spot on (since some people can fool you with the use of body language and etc.)! But at times it could be very helpful to use Psychology in order to gather a good idea on what’s happening in both your surroundings and personal life.

So yeah I use psychology when I feel like it, usually when I’m trying to get a better idea of people whom I don’t know very well. In a way it’s creepy just watching people an analyzing their daily routine, but you somehow end up finding something worth knowing 🙂

THIS IS TOTALLY UNRELATED BUT I RECENTLY GOT INTO THE SERIES ‘HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON’??? I have no idea why, but, like… why now?? I have got no f**king clue. seriously. Hiccup is like the embodiment of me and Toothless is just literally adorable! ok, now rereading this I sound kinda cringy (my bad lol).

Ok then bye! 😀

(don’t expect much coming cause of school work 🙂 woopie)


To bad that in the 3rd movie every dragon will disappear forever :’) … wait- what the actual fucK? Why choose such a sad ending? I swear, I’m going to cry like a baby… Thanks Dreamworks *a smile breaks down into inconsolable sobbing*

Pathfinder Prologue!


Hey guys! Yes, I have returned from the long break (which was basically me bingeing and watching YouTube videos all day long). And because of that, I present to you one of the LONGEST STORIES I MIGHT’VE WRITTEN ON THIS BLOG SO FAR. damn guys, the lengths I go to please you…

Well, this is based on a project my close friend and I have been working on for ALMOST A YEAR WTF?? But yeah the main girl protagonist is Tiffanie along side with her brother and mysterious character that are included in this chapter alone ~ohhh~ 🙂

I’m not going to provide a summary for this one unlike my previous series which I doubt would ever continue again (even though the challenge was fun af), I feel like I should transition to something that I could be more flexible with and might provide better content than my previous works (hopefully! :D). So I hope you enjoy reading this 763 word length prologue to our newest series…

P.S. hint hint Tiffanie was in my last post AS IN HER PICTURE IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW!! 😉

Please read with this playing! (took me some time to find a piece to fit with the writing).

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Random Life-inspiring Prompts 2#


Another random question…

[Do you believe in a supreme being or higher power? Are you atheist or agnostic? How did you arrive at your beliefs regarding deity? Have you always held the same beliefs on this issue or has your perspective changed over time?] -Cited here

Yes, I do believe that there is a higher power living among us (standing as agnostic); although, I’m not fully dependent on the idea that there is one either. As a child, I rarely went to church, mostly between the ages of 4-8 years old. And as any other child, I was too busy to even think anything of a God whatsoever (although there was still a standing possibility of one, it wasn’t important), until my late 9’s when I was brought to a gathering with my best friend at the time. And as time passed on forward, I began to speculate if there was even a God; both my friend and I ended up agreeing with the idea that there was a possibility of one… but unsure.

As I started to grow in my early teenage years, I slowly started to realize that this whole time I was just being pressured to believe in something that I’ve never witnessed or felt the power of; and till this day, I still hide the fact to my parents that I’m both agnostic and Bi (wow what a come-out). Though, I still have a long way ahead of me- so things could change overtime!

-P.S. That best friend of mine isn’t my best friend anymore :\

and my parents take me to First Baptist Church (the BIG BIG ONE in Orlando), but rarely anymore.

*I also fairly believe in astrology, but rely more on psychology instead (people are interesting once you get to know them, aren’t they?) 🙂

wow so inspiring

this was just a brief overview of what I’ve currently been through… have any of you been forced to dance to those horrible songs of “Jesus loves me” as a kid??¿ unfortunately, I was…. :((((

Anyways thanks for reading this far! 🙂


Bye-bye~ ❤

Sorry I had to it’s reALLY cute 😀

Random Life-inspiring Prompts 1#


Here’s a random question for you…

[If you can STOP every bad/evil action and event in the world, would you do it instantly?]

… I can’t deny that I care for these people, but when you think about it… you won’t really be solving everyone’s problems and worries just by simply doing that. Just like in any Utopian-themed book; they very rarely ever achieve happiness through their regular, repeated routines. And what I truely think is that by blocking all of this, you’re only trying to achieve a Uptopian world, which infact, can never be possible to reach through this method. For example, There are some elderly that are both afraid, and ready to die; and by blocking that chance to go on doesn’t help much at all… being emotionally prepared for something like this isn’t commonly achieved very often, which is why we sometimes need to let go. And the reason behind this is that because we humans ourselves grow stronger through the learning of both hardships and victories! Just like when you were a child, you were taught on what to do, and what not to do; this is something that no utopia can ever achieve on it’s own! That is what makes us unique, it’s something that grows within age, and one that grows through one’s own thoughts and feelings too. And It’s the way we learn that gives us wisdom; so that we’re always prepared for the worst to come.

That is all I have to say! 🙂

Geez… I write a lot… well, if you want to ever ask me something or answer back I WOULD LOVE IT PLEASE THIS SITE ONLY HAS TWO SUMMER POSTS ALONE THAT IS PRETTY SAD AF :((


and there ya go.

anyways bye-bye~! 😀